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BILL C-56: Bill aimed at tackling counterfeit and pirated products has been tabled by the Minister of Industry.

June 29, 2012 Bill C-11 passed thrid reading in the Senate and received royal assent

The Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32) was introduced on June 2, 2010. 




COUNTERFEITING IN THE CANADIAN MARKET: Canadian consumers are increasingly at risk from counterfeit goods. Some of these products have been linked to injuries and even death. CIPC works with brand owners and government to help protect consumers from potentially harmful goods.

For the latest advisories and recalls from Health Canada, click here



Every year Canadian businesses suffer revenue losses due to the theft of their intellectual property. The CIPC has published an IP Manual to help businesses protect their IP.



Across the world countries have started to realize the importance of protecting IPR.
The CIPC is particularly pleased by Canada’s continued participation in the ACTA process. The next round of negociations will take place in Switzerland in June 2010. 

International Intellectual Property Alliance recommends that Canada remain on the Special 301 Priority Watch List. Read it here.

CIPC in Hill Times: Let's get copyright done right. Read it here.

CIPC member Lorne Lipkus shares tips on avoiding fakes during the holidays. Watch it here.

CIPC sponsors Anti-Fraud and Counterfeiting conference. Read it here.

Web tool aims at stopping payments to rogue websites. Read it here.

CIPC sponsors Anti-Fraud and Counterfeiting conference. Read it here.

Web tool aims at stopping payments to rogue websites. Read it here.

Christmas shoppers warned over floods of counterfeit goods. Read it here.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews speaks at CIPC event, reaffirms need for fighting IP crime. Read it here. Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network calls on Canadian government to adopt key recommendations for the fight against fakes. Read it here. Canadian Chamber of Commerce says now is the time to act on Copyright. Read press release here.

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network calls on Canadian government to adopt key recommendations for the fight against fakes. Read it here.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce says now is the time to act on Copyright. Read press release here.

CIPC supports copyright initiative C-11: looks forward to amendments before bill is passed. Read press release here.

NHL taking on the fight against counterfeit jerseys. Read it here.

New Howe Institute report proposes federal tax supports for Canadian businesses in R&D. Read it here.

OECD releases 2011 Scoreboard on Science, Technology and Industry. Says patent quality is falling, affecting innovation. View the video or report.

Philippines increasing seizures of counterfeit goods. Read it here.

Perrin Beatty says Canada-EU trade agreement will allow Canadian businesses to flourish. Read it here.

Minister James Moore says new copyright bill will resemble Bill C-32. Read it here.

Canadian Film Centre announces third Reel Challenge Contest. Submissions must be made by January 2012. Find out more here.

CIPC member Op-Ed on innovation appears in Hill Times. Read it here.

Copyright implications for the new school year. Read it here.

French wines fall victim to Chinese counterfeiting. Read it here.

China's fake stores on the rise. Read it here.

7400 counterfeit shoes seized in Quebec. Read it here.

WIPO Handbook for Chambers of Commerce: Read it here.

Alternate reality: Counterfeiting on the rise. Read it here.

Major Victory: Data Protection Regulations ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court. Read it here.

NYC counterfeit landscape changing: Read it here.

CIPC member rewarded in landmark Canadian anti-counterfeiting case: Read it here.

CIPC Co-Chair talks to AOL about Canada Goose knockoffs: Read it here.

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group hosts Paris event on World Anti-Counterfeit Day: Read it here.

On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the CIPC highlights the dangers of the trade: Read it here.

CIPC Director speaks to Charlottetown Chamber on importance of protecting IP: Read it here.

CIPC publishes its IP Report Card in time for election. Read it here En/ Fr.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce releases statement on World IP Day. Read it here.

The Canadian Film Centre announces winner of the $10,000 Reel Challenge. Watch it here

Ellen Seidler explains how pirates make money. Watch the video here.

World Customs Organization launches tool aimed at combating trade in counterfeit goods. Read it here.

CIPC releases its Election Priorities Report. Read it here En / Fr.

CIPC Director comments on IP and innovation in Globe & Mail. Read it here.

The new Canada Consumer Product Safety Act: Find out what it means for you here.

CIPC new report on P2P file sharing in Canada. Read the media release here.

New CIPC-commissioned study reinforces need for copyright reform. Read the report here.

CMPDA annouces release of study by Ipsos/Oxford Economics on impact of movie piracy in Canada. Read the report here.

CIPC Vice-Chair speaks at BASCAP Global Congress. Read his remarks here.

ICC releases two new reports related to IP. Read them here.

Canadian Chamber advocates updated copyright legislation. Read Perrin's remarks here.

The CIPC applauds the launch of an IP Crime Investigator's College by Interpol. Learn more about the IIPCIC here.

CIPC releases report urging Canada to close IP gap in the pharmaceutical sector. On January 19, the CIPC released a report that concludes Canada must improve and strengthen its IP regime in the pharmaceutical sector. To read the report, click here. To view the press release, click here.The CIPC applauds the conclusion of ACTA negotiations
Read our press release here
A National Intellectual Property Crime Threat Assessment
This RCMP report can be found here.
Submission on a Digital Economy Strategy
CIPC 's submission to Industry Canada's public consultation.
Read it here.
Intellectual Property Seminar
The CIPC and ICC-BASCAP hosted a Seminar on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Economic Growth on June 22 in Toronto. Heritage Minister James Moore gave the keynote address during lunch.
Click here to watch the speech.For the speakers presentations:

Click here for Jean Rozwadowski's presentation on the impact of counterfeiting on the G20 countries.

Click here for George Barker's presentation on the role of patents in investments.
Click here for Sylvie Forbin's presentation on Internet piracy.

Winners of The REEL challenge Contest

Aspiring filmmakers produced short film on the importance of copyright protection.
Watch the winning films.
ACTA draft text released.
Read it here.
Read the government news release.

OECD counterfeiting report
Barry Sookman, one of Canada's leading practioners in copyright, intellectual property, internet and e-commerce law has written a great posting on his blog  regarding the OECD's recent report on counterfeiting and piracy and supporting the CIPC's A Time for Change report.

Canadian and US Chamber letter to Leaders
The Canadian and US Chambers sent a joint letter to President Obama and Prime Minister Harper on Sept. 11/09 outlining important issues in our bilateral relationship. The protection of intellectual property rights in highlighted in this letter. letter to Obama and Harper

 Counterfeit jerseys killing legitimate business. Read the story in the Montreal Gazette

Selling counterfeit Cisco parts to Bureau of Prisons means owner of Syren Technology will now spent time there. Read the story

A Globe and Mail article on the ethics of Illegal downloading.
Read it here

Time to tackle video-game piracy. An Op Ed from the executive director of The Entertainment Software Association. Read it here

Operation Network Raider results in 30 convictions and 700 seizures with an estimated retail value over $143 Million.
Read the story 

Man Sentenced for Selling Phony Goods to Millitary.
Read the story

AFL-CIO Executive Council unanimously supports anti-piracy measures. Read the story

Australia: An Internet service provider cannot be help responsible for illegal movies dowlload by its customers. Read the article

French Culture Minister, Francois Mitterand, commits to stop illegal file-sharing. Read James Gannon's blog. January 27.

Chris Gray was at Ottawa's A news on Monday December 14, talking about counterfeit goods. Watch the clip

Newsbin website liable for copyright infrigement.
Read the Motion Picture association press release.

Intellectual Property Theft Persist in 35 Nations, Imparing US Economic Growth. Read the full story here.

Launch of a new Intellectual Property Development Fund.
Ontario Minister Aileen Caroll announced a $10 million investment in a one-year pilot program to support screen-based companies. More information can be found here.