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BILL C-56: Bill aimed at tackling counterfeit and pirated products has been tabled by the Minister of Industry.

June 29, 2012 Bill C-11 passed thrid reading in the Senate and received royal assent

The Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32) was introduced on June 2, 2010. 




COUNTERFEITING IN THE CANADIAN MARKET: Canadian consumers are increasingly at risk from counterfeit goods. Some of these products have been linked to injuries and even death. CIPC works with brand owners and government to help protect consumers from potentially harmful goods.

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Every year Canadian businesses suffer revenue losses due to the theft of their intellectual property. The CIPC has published an IP Manual to help businesses protect their IP.



Across the world countries have started to realize the importance of protecting IPR.
The CIPC is particularly pleased by Canada’s continued participation in the ACTA process. The next round of negociations will take place in Switzerland in June 2010. 

About Us

The Canadian Intellectual Property Council is a Canadian business coalition - supported by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce - designed to provide a central voice to press for stronger intellectual property protection both in Canada and worldwide. Launched on May 26th, 2008, the CIPC’s primary objective is to ensure that the Canadian government provides the necessary legislative framework and sufficient resources to better protect intellectual property rights. Our members represent a broad range of industries including pharmaceuticals, software, entertainment and consumer goods, all of which rely on intellectual property rights for their success.

Our Mandate

Currently Canada lags in terms of the protection of IPR, a trend that has resulted in negative economic impacts and poses a threat to the health and safety of Canadian consumers. It is essential that the Canadian government adopt policy which will stimulate Canada’s knowledge based economy, thereby facilitating job growth and promoting innovation in these industries. Canada must provide a competitive IPR environment which will attract investment and allow Canadian businesses to grow and flourish. The adoption of stronger protection for IPR in Canada is also essential to protect Canadian consumers from the dangers of counterfeit goods. Every year that passes without the adoption of the proper legislation, more Canadians are exposed to harmful counterfeit products, which  have been linked to organised crime and death.

Our White Paper

A Time for Change: Toward a New Era for Intellectual Property Rights in Canada was released by the CIPC on February 3rd 2009. The report undertakes a detailed examination of Canada’s IPR regime and calls for immediate reforms.

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