BILL C-56: Bill aimed at tackling counterfeit and pirated products has been tabled by the Minister of Industry.

June 29, 2012 Bill C-11 passed thrid reading in the Senate and received royal assent

The Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32) was introduced on June 2, 2010. 




Every year Canadian businesses suffer revenue losses due to the theft of their intellectual property. The CIPC has published an IP Manual to help businesses protect their IP.



Across the world countries have started to realize the importance of protecting IPR.
The CIPC is particularly pleased by Canada’s continued participation in the ACTA process. The next round of negociations will take place in Switzerland in June 2010. 

Counterfeiting in the Canadian Marketplace:

Counterfeit products damage legitimate business and are a threat to public safety. Below are photos of some of the counterfeit products being produced today. Can you tell the difference? 


"Counterfeit Culture": a CityNews report on Counterfeit goods.
With the collaboration of Lorne M. Lipkus, Lawyer and counterfeiting expert.
Watch part one
Watch part two

The CIPC at the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, University of Guelph
On Friday, March 26, 2010, CIPC Members, Lorne M. Lipkus and Georgina S. Danzig, attended at the University of Guelph, Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, College of Management and Economics.  Lorne Lipkus was a guest lecturer to two classes totaling over 130 students on the subject of counterfeiting.  Both Lorne Lipkus and Georgina Danzig were in attendance and reviewed the display of counterfeit samples with several dozen enthusiastic students in each of the two classes.  The lectures were organized by Dr. Anne Wilcock, Professor, Marketing Management Co-op Advisor.  Students were directed to the CIPC website for further information.

Study shows most consumers buy counterfeit goods with little remorse
A new report reveals that 80% of consumers regularly purchase counterfeit and pirated products, showing little remorse or fear of the consequences, including potential health and safety risks to themselves or their families.

The CIPC poster campaing was lauched in February 2010:

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